Effective Nail Fungus Treatment

Treating nail fungus can be a frustrating experience. There’s a lot of misunderstanding and unnecessary fear associated with the infection. It is actually easily treatable and can be cured without it becoming a severe infection. Severe fungal nail infections only occur because it is either ignored for too long or is not dealt with effectively enough.

Nail fungus occurs from unhealthy conditions

Nail fungus occurs from unhealthy conditions to which the nails are exposed over a long time, especially the toenails. Our feet are often enclosed in closed shoes for long periods at a stretch. The feet sweat a lot under these conditions and it thus becomes a perfect breeding, requiring a stronger fungal nail treatment.

Start the curing process

The best thing that you can do to start the curing process is to ensure that your nails do not go through this kind of a condition ever again. You can take various measures for preventing this. You can start wearing open toed footwear. You can wash your feet at regular intervals or every time you come back from the outside.

If you must wear closed footwear for a long time period, you can try taking 5-minute breaks by opening your shoes and socks and letting your feet breathe. Choose footwear that allows the foot to breathe through them. You can also use some medicated talcum powder on your feet to make keep them dry while they are in closed shoes.

Anti fungal cream side effects

There are several over-the-counter anti-fungal creams that you can use to get rid of the infection. They are not always effective in the long run and often prove to be ineffective after prolonged use. There are also anti-fungal pills that are one of the most effective treatments against fungal infections. But since they also have severe side effects, they are only used in severe cases.

Surgery – Ouch!

Surgery is another option whereby the infected nail is either completely or partially removed. Sometimes a urea ointment is used to soften the nail for non-surgical extraction.

Other than these extreme measures, natural remedies are the best treatment for nail fungus. Natural remedies have absolutely no side effect and can be used over a long period of time without them being rendered ineffective. They work with the body to get rid of the infection and hence do not harm the body in anyway.

For getting rid of fungal infection, you can use turmeric paste on the infected nail. Turmeric has anti-microbial properties and it is also very good for the skin.

You can also use Neem in a similar way. Neem is a stronger natural anti-microbial agent and has been known to work very well against nail fungus. You can use Neem paste on the infected nail to combat the infection. You can also use Neem oil on the area.

Vinegar has also been known to be effective against fungus. You can use a vinegar water solution to fight the infection.

Need a nail infection treatment now?

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