clarestoryProductions filmed a documentary about Kapunda in 2002 and labelled the town the ‘most haunted town in Australia’.  The label didn't surprise too many locals who have a host of stories about paranormal experiences within local homes and buildings.

The Clare Castle Hotel is one of those locations. There have been numerous reportings of 'black shadows moving across the inside rooms' and 'sounds of disembodied voices' are heard. Patrons, staff and the Publican will attest to having witnessed these strange occurrences. What these strange occurrences mean, is unknown.

In the 1850’s the Clare Castle Hotel Publican, James Glynn and his horse were drowned whilst attempting to cross the River Light to attend Mass at St John’s Church; During the 1850’s the hotel was used to conduct inquests into the deaths of the deceased;

A patron died at the front bar of the hotel in 1885. Could these strange recurring sightings have anything to do with those incidents or some other occurrence in the existence of the hotel?