stockportStockport Observatory is located in the small town of Stockport (6kms north-east of Hamley Bridge) approximately 80kms north of Adelaide. It provides a convenient astronomical facility away from the light pollution which surrounds Adelaide (population 1 million).
The Society owns two large observatories in Stockport. One of them (foreground) houses an 18-inch Newtonian reflector, while the Charles Todd Observatory (background) houses the Society's largest telescope at present - the Jubilee Telescope.
In addition to the main observatory buildings, the Stockport site also contains three telescope pads (all with power), a furnished hut with sleeping accomodation and amenities, a large shed seating around 30 people for lectures and slide shows, a BBQ area, shower and toilet facilities, and an off-site car park.

Public Viewing Nights


Public Star Parties are held at Stockport in February, May, August and November. There is no need to book - just turn up on the night at the advertised starting time (8:00pm, or 8:30pm during daylight savings). These nights are often well attended by the public.

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